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Mighty BUCS quarter finals for Ladies 1st XI Vs Durham

The long awaited match report of the Bristol XII’s epic voyage up north to take on the goliath of hockey teams that is the Durham XII.

If my memory serves me correctly, the northwards journey was characterized by some pretty dubious film choices and a couple of less than ideal service station stops where everyone’s noses were put slightly out of joint by having to pay 4.50 for a measly ham, cheese pannini?? Anyway, we were not disheartened. A very comfortable night in Durham’s finest Premiere Inn worked wonders and I know I was not the only one who was relishing the idea of a serious lie in given that our game was not until 4pm….not a bit of it. Up and out by 8am for a lung and leg stretch which thankfully involved running to the tesco express for some breakfast- otherwise I think there may have been a few more grumpy faces at that time in the morning.

The big game dawned and after Ian had thoroughly confused the large majority of the team with a particularly baffling mnemonic, we were ready to go. With the word PALM 2 (yes, if you can make sense of that one then you’re doing well) ringing in everyone’s ears we proceeded to hold our own against a side that is indisputably the best in the north and will certainly be contenders for the final BUCS trophy. It was 1-1 at half time but a brief 10 minutes of concentration lapse lead to a final score of 3-1. A far cry from the humiliating result a few of the more realistic members were expecting so moral was very high for the long journey home.

Before I forget, many thanks to Ian whose presence on the side line was much appreciated; probably because we’re sufficiently terrified of ‘bishing’ but for whatever reason, he really does seem to have a positive impact on the way we play.

Mention should also go to Muddle who scored the goal- nicely walloped in the bottom left hand corner off a straight strike. Joei yet again didn’t disappoint and was named MOM- she earns that hallowed title more by default than anything else these days! And I really can’t remember quite why I once again earned the unenviable position of churning out another match report, sorry if they’re getting boring but I’m really starting to run out of inspiration…

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